Thank you for choosing to participate as a provider in the Network of the Community Care Alliance of Illinois. CCAI’s goal is to improve the quality and health outcomes of our Members through coordinated care. We understand that this is a partnership and strive to do our best to keep you informed and educated on the opportunities, practices, and policies of CCAI.

Who Do I Contact about Compliance, Waste or Abuse Issues?

Community Care Alliance of Illinois protects our Members' privacy. As a provider who participates in Medicaid and/or Medicare plans, you must cooperate with any investigation of suspected non-compliance or fraud, waste and abuse.

If you become aware of any potential compliance, waste or abuse issues or potential fraud by a plan Member or provider – you must report them to us immediately at the telephone number listed. The Compliance Line is 312-880-1635.

What Resources Do You Have Available for Me?

We at CCAI are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information for our Providers. We understand that because of the complexities that come with providing care, it is important to have resources readily available. Below you will find:

Credentialing Link(s)


Claims & Customer Service

Claims Department

Please submit all claims to:

Community Care Alliance of Illinois
CCAI PO Box 981731
El Paso, TX  79998-1731
(Change Healthcare Payer ID 85468)

Customer Service

For customer service inquiries, please call:

1-866-871- 2305
1-312-492- 9707


Member Information

Healthcare and Family Services

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